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02/28/09 07:16 AM #9    

Tim Ketchum

I would say just about anything that is local and legal. I'm not sure about teaching again, though. Could that possibly mess up her present teaching retirement?

03/07/09 05:32 AM #10    

Tim Ketchum

I'm looking for a hotel or B&B in Stillwater or close by.I'm hoping one of you COWBOYS might know of something other than Motel 6, Hampton or Quality Inn. Any ideas?

03/09/09 12:52 AM #11    


Cindy Short

How close to Stillwater Tim? Guthrie is 30 minutes away and has numerous B&Bs. Known as the B&B Capitol of OK.

03/09/09 07:48 PM #12    

Tim Ketchum

THANKS! I think Guthrie would probably work. I'll look into some B&B's there. Any particular suggestions?

03/09/09 09:15 PM #13    


Cindy Short

It's been a while since I have been to any of them, the Pollard Inn is under new ownership but everyone seems to like it. There are several listed on the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce website. Let me know if you come to town if you have time.

09/21/09 08:26 PM #14    

Maribeth Blackman (Westerfield)

I would love to attend the 40 yr reunion

12/13/09 06:21 PM #15    

Steve Edwards

Agreed Gary,...but it will be difficult for me to attend in Florida makes it very hard, however , I'm still planning to attend. I'm afraid I really don't know any of you, due to time passage , and the directions our lives have taken us over the years. The only connection I feel now is the recognition of most of your names, but to put a face with those names...I'm afraid thats something I cannot do, other than to revert to my memories of all of us at high school age. Hope to see you all soon....Steve

01/04/10 03:05 PM #16    

Carol Parkhurst (Caviness)

I agree with Gary, the reunion in May is a problem in that it conflicts with graduations. I will not be able to attend on May 8. Any chance of another date??

01/10/10 10:43 AM #17    

Berta Graham (Edwards)

Carla, Kuddos to you and those who are assisting you in keeping all of us up to date. Looking forward to reunion....Berta

01/20/10 09:48 PM #18    


Cindy Short

I believe May 8th will be Mother's Day weekend so hopefully many will be around to visit with their Moms. I will be. Am looking forward to it Carla. Thanks for all you and those that help you do to keep us informed and connected.

04/29/10 09:23 PM #19    

Randy Boesche

As of Friday, April 29, I just saw on this site that we are back at the Farmer's Market again, is this correct?

04/30/10 02:15 AM #20    

Valerie Vernon (Erickson)

Well, guys & gals or guys & dolls, I seem to have just crawled out from some kind of time millenum black hole and all of a sudden it is April 30, 2010. I want to attend EVERYTHING!!! Even the breakfast...if I get up before noon,  I looked at the web site which; by the way ROCKS!, but I did not find costs, who to pay & when, time of events and/or dress code if any. For those who know me well, DO NOT FEAR! I will be wearing clothes.  YEA!!!! Since I have gained a bizillion lbs since I quit smoking...cigarettes. Se la vie.  Forget the 411 on Friday, my down to earth in the time zone and all; husband found the information for me.  He reads in words, I look at the pictures and wouldn't you know it, there wern't any on Friday. But I still need the rest PLEASE, ASAP,  Thanx in advance, Val.

04/30/10 02:59 AM #21    

Valerie Vernon (Erickson)

Dah!   With a little help from my friends; (my very very tiny friends that only I can see)  I found the 411!  Totally unbelievable! Sooooo disregard the above message that I prematurely sent. or not. That just goes to show ya', you just never know...                        See you there!    Val & tiny tiny friends.

05/05/10 09:16 PM #22    

Tim Ketchum

OK, what is the dress code for Sat. night?

05/10/10 07:57 PM #23    


Cindy Short

For those of you that were unable to attend or did not attend the reunion this past weekend, we had a great time.  Sorry you couldn't be there.  Looking forward to next year.  Thank you Gwynta, Carla, Carolyn and everyone that had a part in making this reunion so great.

05/10/10 10:51 PM #24    

Tim Ketchum

DITTO!!!! I think we ought to double their salaries!

05/11/10 07:45 AM #25    

Hope Newcomb (Walker)

What a good time! I just want to know if you got enough donations for this website to support it for a while.  It is such a good tool to keep everyone in touch. Anyway, great job on the reunion and hope you get lots of ideas (and maybe some help!!) for future get-togethers.

05/11/10 01:55 PM #26    

Glenn Mosenthin

Just wanted to weigh in and echo the above sentiments. I had a great time seeing everyone again after all those years. Can't say enough about the job Carla, Gwynta and Carolyn and others did in putting this together for us! Thanks again!

05/12/10 09:33 AM #27    

Debra Wolf (Nickless)

Carla/Gwynta and all reunion helpers,

The pics are great. It looks like you had a great time. The weekend did not work for me(Mother's Day). My Mom is still living and is 96 years old so I do not miss spending Mother's Day with her.

Maybe I can come next time...

Debby (Wolf)Nickless

05/12/10 04:42 PM #28    

Lynn Skocdopole

so how did everyone fair  through the T-storms on Monday?  South east Oklahoma  had funnel clouds mostly which meant I got to ride the scooter on Tuesday! I see some animal shelters lost power and water.  Hope your local shelters are okay and your pets are safe. see ya on Face book! Lynn

05/31/10 07:55 PM #29    


Cindy Short

Wanted to let everyone know to please keep Bobby Ferrell in your prayers.  His wife Darcy is in the final stages of cancer.  Started as breast cancer and is now in her liver and brain. They did not expect her to make it past Friday.  It has been a difficult time for them but they are keeping their faith in God.  He said he would appreciate the prayers for strength and peace.

05/31/10 09:26 PM #30    

Vicki Hamilton (Lynn)


Bobby and his wife Darcy and their families will be in my  prayers and I will have my church and

my sisters  praying also.  I ask that God  will give them the peace that passes all understanding

and the strength for the days that are to come.




vickie hamilton lynn














































my sisters pray for them also.  May God wrap his arms of love, and mercy and peace that passes

08/03/10 07:22 PM #31    


Jerry Burgess


I am just glad to be allowed to access this website....

I remember many of you from my highschool years.....

I am back in Broken Arrow and every day I meet some of my old classmates... It is great fun...

12/14/10 01:26 PM #32    

Ronnie David

I would like wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS & HAPPY NEW YEAR.

04/24/17 12:05 PM #33    


Cindy Short

Please remember Brad's wife Sue and his and my kids in prayer this week.  The loss of Brad Codding was so unexpected and has left us all in shock.  There will be no services at this time.  Thank you for all your prayers.


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