Valerie Vernon Erickson

Profile Updated: April 22, 2020
Residing In: Broken Arrow, OK USA
Homepage: Under construction
Occupation: Free lance Photographer
Children: My daughter: NIKIA DENNY, Single 34, owner Tranquility Hospice & Reliable Home Health: daughter Lauren More…Miller, graduates 2010 from Edison HS. Son Ryan Denny age 8 student.

My son: TJ GREEN & wife ANGIE GREEN, TJ, 38 Owners & Originators of D-FEST. TJ & Ang had a baby girl Tori Jael Green, Jan 11, 2010. She is precious. They also own ENSO, Electric Circus & The IDL Ballroom at 1st & Detroit in the Blue Dome District. All three are NY style night clubs, like Tulsa has never seen.
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I’m going to start from the last reunion I attended. Dean and I divorced 7 years ago. He was having an affair with his 2nd X wife. It’s just not worth it. 5 years ago I got my left knee replaced with titanium. August last year I fell getting into bed (totally sober. Quit drinking 2004) I broke my little finger and side of my hand. How embarrassing. A week later I find out I had breast cancer. What a blow. Finished it all and my radiation in Feb. March I go to my first one of three Orthopedic surgeons. Thanks to Covid-19 my doc went to New York. Got a second dr. Really great ( so I thought ) after doing all the paperwork & talking with his PA then the dr. He sets me up for my pre-op apt. I tell my Primary Physician and he heard some bad surgery stories about him so he calls some of his dr buddies, cancelled my appointments and made me one with a third dr. That met his approval. So I start the paperwork all over again. I have to have my right hip replaced. Soon as that’s healed, I’ll have my right knee replaced. AND after that, he’ll re construct my left knee. Somehow my patella has scooted over by the side of my knee. When he gets finished with me I’ll be 1/2 the bionic woman. I’m taking a vacation after all that. Whew! That’s all so far. And that’s enough.

School Story:

You have got to be kidding! Looks like I’m entering everything in the wrong boxes. Par for the course since I don’t have any boxes to think with or out of.

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May 07, 2016 at 7:40 AM
Valerie Vernon Erickson added a photo to profile gallery.
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It's just the same 'ol me.
Valerie Vernon Erickson added a photo to profile gallery.
May 07, 2016 at 7:33 AM
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It's just the same 'ol me.
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