40 Year Reunion Pics


The whole group at the end of the evening.


Bill Forsythe, Diane (Dobbins - Class of 72) and Randi (Ary) Graves

 Lonnie Twohands Sellers,  Mrs.  Sellers, James Bailey and Mrs. Bailey

Janeen (Barton) Summers, Cathy (Sanders) Ulmer, Jacquelyn (Morton) Martin in the group.

Polly (Smith) Weir - left side of the photo and Don Nading, Carolyn (Vaughan) Hodges and Carla (Dobbins) Crow - back by the garage doors.

  Mitch Wilson and Mike Keith

Randi (Twist) Smith,  Cindy Short, Linda (Schulze)  Bailey, Lew Davis,  Mrs. Davis, Tim Ketchum (back to the camera), Mrs. Ketchum, Kaye (Fream) Burak, Brenda (Reynolds) Good, Sheryl (Murray) Neal, Brenda Joyce (Gaylor) Beall

Mike Keith, Mitch Wilson, Connie Cypert and Janeen (Barton) Summers

Carla (Dobbins) Crow

In the Background - James Bailey, Bill Forsythe, Randie Ary Graves, George Laws, Glenn Mosenthin,  Mike Anderson (back to the camera), Randy Boesche, Berta Graham Edwards

At the Table - Jerry Crow (Carla's husband), Mrs. Joe Beam, Joe Beam, Mrs. Billy Sims (Class of 75), Billy Sims

At the Table - Sheryl (Murray) Neal, Brenda (Reynolds) Good, Kaye (Fream) Burak and Tim Ketchum's wife

In the Background - Mitch Wilson, Lewis Davis, Allen Hodges, Kathy Manasco

Gwynta (Blissit) Buchanan, Vicki (Moon) McIntire, Norma (Aud) Newby


Kathryn Manasco and Bill Goss

Berta (Graham) Edwards, Brenda Joyce (Gaylor) Beall, Ala Davis

Randi Twist, Randy Boesche, Mitch Wilson, Kenneth Beall, Greg Hill, Mike Keith

Linda (Schulze) Bailey, Tim Ketchum, Carla (Dobbins) Crow, Randie Ary Graves, Debbie (Lanier) Payne, Joe Beam (wearing the cap and back to the camera), and Billy Sims (back to the camera)

Steve Fulps, Connie Cypert, Greg Hill, Randy Boesche, Mike Keith, Mitch Wilson

In the Background - Lynn Skocdopole

Left Table - Joe Beam (with cap)

Right Table - Lewis Davis, Dwayne Penny and David Spears

At the Table - Debbie (Lanier) Payne, Don Nading, Sharon (Slape) NadingKaye (Fream) Burak, Peggy (Bevard) Cunningham, Polly Smith Wier (photos)

In the Background - Tim Ketchum, Diane (Dobbins) Forsythe, Bill Forsythe, George Laws,

 Randi Twist, Cindy Short, Renee' Skocdopole (Lynn's wife)

Cliff Buchanann (Gwynta's husband - Class of 69), Randy Boesche, Connie Cypert, Greg Hill, Steve Fulps

Mitch Wilson, Norma (Aud) Newby, James Bailey

 Carolyn (Vaughan) Hodges, Berta (Graham) Edwards, Brenda (Reynolds) Good

Connie Cypert, Randy Boesche, Glenn Mosenthin, Mike Keith

Top Photo - Linda (Schulze) Bailey, Maribeth(Blackman) Westerfield, Brenda (Reynolds) Good, and Kaye (Fream) Burak

Bottom Photo - Sharon (Slape) Nading, Greg Hill, Don Nading, Carolyn (Vaughan) Hodges, Diane (Dobbins) Forsythe

Don Nading, Polly (Smith) Weir, Gleen Mosenthin

Jim Causey, Randy Boseche, Ronnie David


Mich Wilson, Jim Causey, Greg Hill, Allen Hodges and Mike Keith

Kathy Monasco, Dennis sherwood, Mitch Wilson, Lew Davis, Janeen (Barton) Summers

Ronnie David

 Tim Ketchum, Cindy Short, Polly Smith Wier, Carolyn Hodges

Diane (Dobbins - Class of 72) Bill Forsythe, Betty Meier (back to the camera), Glenn Mosenthin, Randy Boesche, Linda (Schulze) Bailey

Dr. and Mrs. Mike Anderson, Kaye (Fream) Burak, Janeen (Barton) Summers

Mitch Wilson, Dennis Sherwood, Ken Beall, Brenda Joyce (Gaylor) Beall, Ronnie David, Lynn Skocdopole, Rhea (Parker) Owens, Randi (Twist) Smith

Top Photo - Mike Keith and Don Nading

Bottom Photo - Greg Hill, Rhea (Parker) Owens, Jimmy Causey, Cindy Short

Cindy Short, Don Nading, Sharon (Slape) Nading, and Polly (Smith) Weir

Mike Keith, Rhea (Parker) Owens, Greg Hill, Kenneth Beall, Jimmy Causey, and Cindy Short

Carolyn (Vaughan) Hodges, Mr. Weir, Polly (Smith) Weir, and Brenda (Reynolds) Good

Mitch Wilson and Mike Keith arriving Friday evening at the Market

DeWayne Penny

Background - Mrs. Mike Anderson, Tim Ketchum, Kaye (Fream) Burak, Mike Anderson and Bill Forsythe

Front of photo - Sherry Hash and Diane (Dobbins - Class of 72) Forsythe

Kathy Manasco, Don Nading, Cliff Buchanan (Class of 69 and Gwynta's husband), Dennis Sherwood (back to the camera), Mitch Wilson, Mike Keith, and Jerry Crow (Carla's husband)




Cathy (Sanders) Ulmer and Janeen (Barton) Summers


Randy Boesche and Connie Cypert

Gwynta (Blissit) Buchanan, Randie (Ary) Graves, Carolyn (Vaughan) Hodges

Greg Hill and Kathy Manasco

Mike Keith

Mitch Wilson

Diane (Dobbins) Forsythe, Jimmy Causey, and Bill Forsythe

Mitch Wilson and Greg Hill


Stokely Event Center


May 8, 2010